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Human Persona is an independent contractor for recruitment and staffing services, grounded from our 20 years of experience and expertise, in all facets of human resources management and consulting services for exclusive companies in the Philippines. Our true passion and zeal for what we do pushed us to recalibrate and diversify our offerings to other private sectors in the market. We expanded our offerings to; executive search, recruitment and selection, outsourcing, training and development, employee relation services, human resource development, organizational development, labor case resolution assistance, quality standard audit and compliance management. We place major role emphasis on managing the quality of our operations and employees, to support their business sustainability and development and promote the general welfare and standard of living our all our members. To ensure we uphold and promote the highest possible standards across our recruitment and staffing practices, we employ Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality Management System strategy. We have vast resource of skilled personnel providing services to retail companies, manufacturers, distributors and offices in the areas of production, maintenance, marketing & promotions, and other related businesses. Our employees are well-screened and equipped with the necessary skills, educational background and character references to undertake tasks minimally required by our clients. Aside from our adequate and up-to-date training modules, we maintain a facility for pre-deployment orientation and continuous employee development program to enhance their technical, management and personal skills. We have Field Auditors specifically assigned to monitor employee compliance to their on-the-job key performance standards.

We offer all our clients, at no added cost, Quality Management System QMS Conformance Audit and consultancy on modern Human Resource Management systems, concepts and best practices, to support your business continuity and growth.

The Power of the Team.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”Michael Jordan, NBA Superstar

Deliberately breaking free from traditional views of human resources, Human Persona frames our deep understanding of employment best practices and regulatory requirements with a commitment to optimizing our client's business success and prioritizing an approach that embraces the unique culture and needs of those we serve.


We pride ourselves on simplifying the process of being a great employer. Managing people and navigating ever changing employment laws is already complicated. Our expert HR know-how, application of technology and systems, and ability to navigate complex employee issues and HR challenges enables our clients to dedicate their valuable time and resources to their business.


This happens best when your people strategy is aligned with your business strategy. With Human Persona, we will engage as an extension extension of your team, applying programs and best practices that drive business results and mitigate risks. We are not happy until your organization is positioned for growth and equipped to move the needle.


Human Persona recognizes that some businesses merely need initial or intermittent support while others prefer to entirely entrust their HR activities to a reliable HR provider. Some organizations may desire to gain efficiency or better apply internal resources by peeling off specific HR or recruiting activities. Regardless of where a company falls in this spectrum, Human Persona’s HR solutions are tailored to scale and contract with the ongoing needs and objectives of each of our valued clients.


If your organization is cautious about adding costs that do not directly contribute to increased business performance, then you will appreciate our obsession with results. As an organization that is nimble and innovative, we’re not afraid to cast off traditional HR ideologies that have become ineffective and are no longer relevant. At Human Persona, we embrace progressive technologies and tools that maximize efficiency and ingnite employee engagement. We strive to reinvent ourselves with each client in a way that contributes value to the entire organization.


Our talent sourcing and placement solutions help your business succeed by improving your agility, productivity and competitive advantage through our workforce. Know more about our broad spectrum of HR expertise tailored to the needs of your business.

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Human Persona offers a range of outstanding work choices -- retail, customer service, clerical and administration, IT, technical, engineering, finance and operations, human resources,sales and marketing.

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